EYOS Tenders have over 30 years’ experience in the Expedition Boat market.

Having been involved in the expedition cruise industry and having driven boats in every Ocean and around all seven continents we have the experience and knowledge of what is needed in these remote areas.

If you are looking for boats to operate in the icy waters of the Arctic or Antarctic, around the reefs of coral atolls or to voyage up unexplored rivers, we are uniquely placed to offer you our expertise and advise.

We are able to deliver and set up your boats all over the world, and can also come and train your onboard crew in set up and maintenance techniques. We are also able to support you throughout your travels with technical assistance and our spare parts service.

We are also enormously proud to represent the Expedition Cruise Industry and are trusted suppliers to many of the most professional and experienced ship operators. Companies like Crystal Cruises, Scenic Cruises, Quark Expeditions, Nansen Polar Expeditions, Antapply, The World, Salen Cruises and Windstar Cruises.

We are also able to offer Expedition destination experience through our friends at EYOS Expeditions

We are official dealers for Zodiac Milpro and Rafner boats, both brands are synonymous with adventure and challenging conditions. We are also able to provide a myriad of other boats that would be suitable for your desired operational conditions.

We also manufacture a good list of accessories to enhance your choice of craft to make it even better for the conditions and operating parameters that you choose. Items such as shock absorbing flooring, custom bow boxes, non-slip tube patches, upgraded towing posts and towing eyes, Tie-down points for stowing your expedition gear, waterproof holdalls, and dry bags.

If you are travelling into Polar waters and are having to adhere to the Polar Code, then we can also supply you with both personal and group survival kits to meet the requirements of this code.

Wherever you are thinking about going, and whatever type of trip you are thinking of undertaking. EYOS Tenders are equipped and ready to assist you with technical expertise and guidance.