EYOS Tenders have had a busy season so far having completed and delivered four Windy SR26 superyacht tenders to three motor yachts and one to Marina Port Vell in Barcelona.

“This confirms that the design and features we incorporated in the SR26 as standard are what superyacht clients need and want”, commented John Apps, MD of EYOS Tenders.

The Windy SR26 was based upon the design concept from EYOS Tenders and later styled by Eidsgaard Design. Using an existing hull from Windy, it also ensured a quality build and a precise attention to detail.

“Having sold many tenders to large yachts in the past we knew what additional features owners and captains were looking for. What we did here was to incorporate them into a standard design thereby making a superior boat at a competitive price” John explained.

With an adaptable seating design that can carry more people if necessary or fewer in more comfort, a folding console allowing the boat to be stored in garages of only 1.5m high and many other additional features has been the key to it’s success.

As Richard Hutchinson, Captain of a 67m Feadship said, “We recently took delivery of the EYOS co-designed Windy SR26 which provides an excellent long needed alternative in this sector of the tender market. The Windy 26 benefits from an informed design and first rate build quality. EYOS have proven to be informed professional yacht tender experts whose services include design consultation, build supervision, trouble free delivery solutions and stress free warranty backup for all tender types and sizes”.

Available in a wide range of colours to suit all styles and with a maximum delivery time of 12 weeks, it’s continued success is guaranteed.

Also delivered this year.

SR26 in cream and grey delivered to 61.5m Amels in Venice, Italy

SR26 in black and red delivered to Marina Port Vell Barcelona, Spain

SR26 in white and beige delivered to 58m Amels in Antibes, France

The boat is exclusively available from EYOS Tenders. Contact: EYOS Tenders : t: +34 971 285 074 e: info@eyostenders.com.